Sausage Onion Pinwheels

We were watching an episode Diners & Dives on the kitchen TV during lunch one day and saw them feature something like these things.  Theirs had pesto rather than the caramelized onions we went with but the presentation was like the photo above – the pinwheels were topped with sauteed veggies.20160904_141126(1600x1200)We cooked several Vidalias down with a little olive oil, I think we used 4 of those big sweet onions.  A sprinkle of brown sugar will kickstart the caramelization. 20160904_160024(1600x1200)Roll out your favorite biscuit dough – this one has 3 cups of flour, 6 tablespoons of butter, 6 or 7 teaspoons of baking powder, a teaspoon of salt, and 1-1/2 cups of milk.  Spread the onions over it and add your crumbled cooked sausage – here we used 1 pound of a store bought “country” sausage.20160904_160323(1600x1200)Roll it up like a jelly roll and cut it into sections about an inch or an inch and a half thick… 20160905_081150(1600x1200)arrange them on a baking tray, brush the tops with butter, and bake at 425 until they brown nicely. 20160905_172215(1600x1200)In a departure from the TV show’s diner offering, we thought that they really needed gravy.


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