Waiting For Our Meet and Greet


…she’s a shy girl. Likes other dogs and wants to be part of the pack. She is super unsure of herself and needs other dogs to help her figure out how to act

So this little girl has stolen my heart. Bixby and I have passed the home inspection and are waiting for our meet and greet. If it all goes well, I’ll formally introduce you to her once we’ve adopted her. Until then, keep a good thought for us.

I’m going to try and get a recipe exchange up tonight since I still need to write up the jelly and bread recipes. They are easy enough, it’s just a matter of time.

The new home continues to confound – first a new washer, now a new dishwasher. I’m just rolling with it. In my research for the dishwasher, I found out I might qualify for extensive rebates for some home upgrades – dishwasher, whole house fan, extra insulation and furnace checkup. So I’m going to say it wasn’t all that bad it broke down when it did.

I’m thinking a Bosch, what do you think?



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What's to say? I love to cook and I think families benefit from sitting down together for dinner every night.

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  1. Another Great Dane? You’re gonna need a bigger boat car!

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  2. I think Bixby needs a companion wishing you the best of luck

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