Mmm… Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce

20160921_1838391600x1200I remember a sauce that was a local favorite in the small town I grew up in.  An old man had a smoke pit at the edge of town and turned out a good bbq and made a sauce that also sold in local markets.  I tried to replicate it back then and managed to come close once.  Of course I didn’t write down a recipe and never managed even “close” after that.20160923_1004141600x1200It’s been 50 years since I had a genuine Witt’s BBQ but when I made a batch of this sauce it really rang a bell.  I fiddled with it some, the sauce I remembered was thicker.  I heated it on the stove and then added some corn starch, a little Splenda, red pepper flakes, extra ground black pepper, garlic  powder, salt, and some ground Sichuan peppers.  Fifty years is a long time but this sauce is as good as that one I remember – even if the recipe isn’t exactly the same.


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