20160923_1234261600x1200We smoked two pork shoulders the other day, the smoker is small but two shoulders just fit in the top rack, the lower rack is for the foil tray to catch the drippings.  I have a dry rub that I like to use on these but feared I didn’t have enough so I dumped the remaining rub in a bowl and ground more coriander and black pepper and added that and more brown sugar and salt and etc.  Mixed it all in the bowl by hand then opened the tap at the sink to wash my hands and WHOA! You DUMMY! the bowl full of rub was also in the sink.  So, I smeared the wet rub all over the meat.  It did seem to work OK.  LOL  They spent about 24 hours in there, set at 200 degrees.  My thermometer was still only reading 160 or so.  I pulled the bones and broke them up and finished them in the countertop oven on the slow cook setting.  We are using it more and more, we’ll try pizza sometime soon.20160924_1205481600x1200There’s lots more where that came from!  After it finished I chopped it up and froze most of the meat, this is some I kept out.  That peach wood is really good for this.
20160920_0912421600x1200Here’s Gabe!  He’s wearing his first rabies tag.  Here’s to many more!  He’s 4 months old and growing up fast.20160923_1611341600x1200My local Kroger store has rib eyes on sale now and again.  I try to stock up when they do.  I have hopes that this is the last steak we have that is cooked entirely on the grill – I have a sous vide device ordered and will try it out on another of these steaks when it gets here.20160924_1642251600x1200Mmm… sloppy joes!  I have been doing fries in a deep fryer, a dutch oven full of canola oil, but the last few times I did them in the toaster oven.  These were baked at 450 for about 20 minutes.  They are better in the deep oil but there are tradeoffs:  Cleanup time, the cost of the oil, and the extra calories.  Right now I’m going to say the toaster oven, by a nose.20160924_1054011600x1200Gabe seems to really like drinking from the sprinkler wand, but he doesn’t much like getting wet like he sometimes does when he pesters me as I water the patio plants.


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