20161007_1638571600x1200Today was Gabe’s day to visit the vet for his “fix”, he weathered it in fine fettle like the good boy he is.  He’s resting per Dr’s order, I hope we can keep him from chasing Bitsy for a week or so.20161007_1312501600x1200That smoked tenderloin makes a fine sammich.  I slice it thin and pile it onto one of my homemade buns:20161007_1129531600x1200One of the things that gets overlooked when listing stuff that a smartphone is good for is making a record of model number info on various things about the house and garage.20161007_1234301600x1200This is the info on a router/access point I keep in the garage.  I wanted to look up the user manual online.  Not having three hands to juggle pencil, paper, and the device I just snapped a picture of it.  My phone will snap a photo by saying a trigger word – shoot, or cheese, or smile all work on mine.  Bonus!  I’ve managed to record the model  info on a thing where I couldn’t even see the tag.  Just hold the phone in what seems the correct position and take the shot.20161006_1300471600x1200We mixed a batch of Mrs J Famous Fried Pies.  These have the same filling as the apple danish we made.20161006_1205341600x1200Another of those delicious pastrami reubens.  I managed to slice the pastrami correctly this time!20161005_1722351600x1200Mmm… smoked chicken burritos.  These have beans, cheese, and cabbage with the chicken.20161006_0917171600x1200Here’s another of Mrs J’s blueberry banana bread loaves.  She asked me to mix some sugar glaze for it.  Happy to oblige!


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