20161015_1710571600x1200I like chili with beans and tomatoes.  Deal with it.  LOL  And I like to dress it up with cheese and pickled peppers or whatever else I have laying around.  The temps dipped a bit last week and I thought “At Last!” but it looks like my Fall celebration will be ruined with a return to temps in the 80s.  I will console myself with a couple of chili dogs:20161016_1138181600x1200I almost always buy a bunch of green onions and nearly always they grow too old to use before I can get around to them so I used the occasion to chop the white ends for a garnish.  I still have fresh jalapenos!  They are on the small skinny side this late in the season.  I’m thinking about bringing them in to winter under grow lights.


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  1. I totally agree about chili with beans. And tomatoes. It’s just…right. And the molten cheese and bright green garnish. It works! It’s in the 80s where I am, too, and I am despairing that we’ll ever have fall. Still grilling shrimp and making pineapple relishes, etc.

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  2. Thanks! I’m also fond of red onions paired with the bright green jalapenos as a garnish. And pico de gallo!


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