The Bixby and Bailey Diaries: Day One


Whirlwind day. Bailey is settling in like she’s always been here. She and Bixby have been playing non-stop since we got home last night.


They did take a break to sleep through the night. Well except when Emma went full on Exorcist on a fully asleep Bailey. Poor thing. Both of them actually.

Then this morning, Bailey has a bad habit (as most puppies do) of biting at me. We are working on it, but because she’s had so much negative feedback training, I’m walking a tightrope of stern but gentle redirection. She nipped a little to hard and wouldn’t let go, so I raised my voice and the next thing I know, Emma burst out of the closet and  she went after Bailey like she was taking on a home intruder. Now you know who my real protector is here. Unfortunately, she snagged her nail (nicely trimmed, I might add) on the carpet and ripped it out. So there was blood. Lots of blood.


I believe she’s just making her presence known right away, letting Bailey know who actually runs this house. Fairly certain Bailey has gotten the message, as much as a puppy can.


Bixby is loving the playmate, not so much the sharing. He’s got a full on food aggression going on, which I’m working on, he’s always been so easy going with other dogs, I was taken by surprise. He also doesn’t like sharing his toys, bed or anything else Bailey might show interest in. It’s only been a day, I believe we will work it out.

Bailey has shown herself to be a talker! I love Bixby to pieces, but always a bit disappointed he wasn’t a talker. Bailey is finding her voice and using it to express herself. It’s adorable.


She’s having some potty issues, but I think it’s a matter of just not knowing who and how to ask at the new house. We’ll get her bell trained in no time.

One day down….


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  1. Bixby may start talking more, now that he sees you’re interested in what Bailey has to say. Of course, six months from now, you may find yourself regretting you ever *wished* for more verbal communications…

    But seriously, sounds like you’ve got a firm grip on the situation, and everything will be just fine, given time. Although Emma may never quite forgive Bailey (or you!) for the torn nail!


    • No lie, one of my other Danes talked all the time, she’d have full on conversations and expect you to answer her. There are some videos on Youtube of a guy and his Dane doing the exact same thing.

      The only issue now that I am stumped by is she is peeing in the house – almost immediately after coming inside. And she knows she shouldn’t. For now I’m going to assume she’s just having adjustment issues. She poops just fine outside. 😦


  2. I think everything is going well at your house. Bixby will show her the routine . Congrats on the new pup.


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