Soup Repair

20161018_1107261600x1200That cauliflower soup was really bland.  Even Mrs J said it was too bland.  Bland even with sour cream and cheese.  I fix!  I fix by dumping half the remaining soup and adding 2 potatoes boiled in chicken stock.  These I blended in thoroughly with a stick blender.  Then I added crisp bacon crumbles.  This one didn’t need sour cream but I did go with the Creole seasoning again because I like that stuff.

Post needs moar kitteh!20161017_1014241600x1200Here’s Homer resting on an old picnic table.  Gabe is busy in the background picking through bird seed for the peanuts.

I say it’s an old picnic table because it is old, for a picnic table.  I made that thing in a flurry of busy about 30 years ago and it’s been sitting out in the weather since then.  I’m kind of amazed that it has held up as well as it has.  I did replace one of the seat boards when we moved it a bit closer to the house a few weeks ago.


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  1. Game the hunter 🙂 Good deal on the soup! Kitty loves that spot 🙂

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    • I watched Gabe pick up a peanut, chew it some, and spit out the hull. Smart dog! That has become a favorite spot for Mrs J, too. It’s nestled in among some pine trees and has developed a mat of pine needles. It is way too shaded for grass to grow.


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