Braised Beef Short Ribs

20161027_1653381600x1200I just took delivery of this enameled cast iron pot that Amazon had on sale during one of their “today only while they last” sales.  ($80 tax and shipping included – less than half price!)  I’ve been lusting after one of these and I was quick on the trigger when I learned of the sale.

It was perfect for this job.  I went to the Pioneer Woman’s place for her take on this classic dinner and she talked me into going with the goat cheese polenta while I was there.20161027_1726571600x1200The polenta was great!  My mother used to buy those bricks of “mush” when my dad nagged her enough.  He was nostalgic for it but she thought it barely fit to eat and kidded him about his upbringing “in the bottoms”.  She considered herself one of the hill folk.  He would also get her to fix turnips for him and kidded her about not knowing what they were.  She always replied that of course she knew what they were, her people grew them as winter food for the hogs!


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