Green Salsa Smothered Chicken Over Rice


This is made from the green salsa I made from the tomatillos growing in my garden. There weren’t a lot, so I only had enough salsa for one meal. It was so good, I was disappointed by the amount.

I’ll post the recipe this weekend, fingers crossed. I’m very close to completing my original list of projects. The master bedroom is finished, complete with art on the walls. Freshly painted, shelves put in the closets, old furniture touched up, new bedding. My goal this weekend is to finish the music room (that will also serve as the guest room) and finish painting the new front door.

Meanwhile, I’m winterizing the yard, slowly, since it’s been 70 and 80s here the last week and predicted to be as warm next week. But the strawberries are almost ready to be put to bed. All my roses are blooming, so I’m holding off trimming them back just yet.

Oh, you wanted to know about the new puppy? It’s going well and I am charging up my video camera so I can get you some good tug of war action between Bailey and Bixby. It’s adorable.  Until then….



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  1. Heh, we grew tomatillos one year and they made a ton! We still have some of the salsa we canned.


    • Oh, I had a ton on the single plant. But our growing conditions just aren’t ideal for these – they never completely ripened. I think it’s just too cold at night. The only way to get enough to do something significant with is to grow a dozen plants and get probably what you get off of one plant. LOL


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