Bixby And Bailey: Week Three


I can’t believe it’s been three weeks. It feels like Bailey has been here forever. She fits right in. We’re still working on things, like being nice to the cats, not taking things off the counter/table/coffee table, quit treating us like we are chew toys.

And STOP DRINKING MY COFFEE. This dog has a problem. I can’t leave my coffee unguarded for a moment and the other morning I was sitting at the table, sipping my coffee when a dog tongue interrupted the cup halfway to my lips. My very first Dane ( ❤  Sadie) loved coffee, too, so I’m not unfamiliar with this weird habit.

Bailey has also developed a fondness for taking the books off my bookshelf and shredding them. Between the coffee and the books, I’m beginning to wonder if she was raised in a Barnes and Noble. Until she’s past the puppy stage, the bookshelf is blocked off so I don’t lose anymore books.

Speaking of puppy phase:


I feel like I just got Bixby out of the puppy stage and here we are again. But she’ll be a year old in late December, so not too much longer. What, just another SIX MONTHS or so. Oh lord, help me.

Bixby enjoys her and they play constantly. I commented a few days after she arrived that all I ever wanted was for Bixby to have a tug partner and this has been a perfect pairing. She loves tug as much as he does and that makes me so very happy. But even Bixby has his limits and she has worn him completely out. The last few days he just lays on the floor using his weight and sheer strength to hold the tug toy while Bailey dances around him tugging with all her might. Trust me Bixby, we all understand that  after two years of tug with you.


Bixby misses his kitties, though. The first two weeks after we moved, the cats basically hid and were all out of sorts. This pretty much broke Bixby, he paced and fretted and looked for them every day. Once they finally decided to come back out and about, his world was all right again. About a week into Bailey’s stay, he realized that not only weren’t the cats coming out, but he was blocked from the rooms they were in – and he began to fret again.


Luckily this week, they have started to come out and make themselves known. Bailey has learned her place and everyone is finding their way. I’m not ready for anyone to be unsupervised, but that day is not far away. (And note, there is no Jake because he’s being very pissy about this latest disruption in his life and snubbing me when I call him – he’ll come out on his own for attention, but if I call him, I can feel the silent rebuke from wherever he’s hiding).


But Bixby and Emma really miss sleeping together (like you can see here). So she’s been venturing out when it’s clear the puppies are tired and curling up with him again on the couch.

I’m very pleased with how Bixby has taken on a new role of taking care of me – when I’m frustrated with Bailey – mostly when she’s bugging me while I’m trying to work, Bixby grabs a tug toy and lures her away. I thought it was fluke the first time, but he does it fairly consistently.

Bailey is doing her best to learn the ropes here, she tries so hard to do what we ask – and so smart – she picks up most things in a day or two. And the three of us are venturing out on walks and it’s been going every smoothly. She’s a breeze to walk – Bixby, still not so much, but we manage.

All-in-all, I think we all made a good match when we found each other.

Tomorrow I should have video of them playing together. Stupid Window 10 upgrade dumped my video software so I have to reload it before my video camera will download. Grumble, grumble.  Until then…



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  1. You have beautiful cats! Bailey will learn the rules of the house and she will be a great dog. You did a good job with Bixby.


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