Purple Door!

Just finished painting it. Should be installed next week. Not bad for a $100 salvage find:


Here it is when I bought it.


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  1. The purple door (I think it’s more a rich lavender) is really pretty.

    In our Arizona winter camp, I was prowling a salvage/surplus yard with a guy I hired as a helper, and he pointed out a sink marked $40 that he said the wholesale house he had worked at sold those for $600. So that’s lying in the spare parts tool room right now. You never know what you’ll find lurking in the junk.

    Maybe it is purple, with computer monitors, who can say.

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    • Thank you! Technically it’s “raisin” and I painted it to match the contrasting trim on my house – which white with green and raisin trim (all of which was freshly painted before I bought the place). My next search at the salvage yard is going to be a wooden screen door – they have quite a few, just need to find the right size and one that doesn’t need too much repair.


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