Easy Apple Turnovers

20161111_1312351600x1200Easy when you use puff pastry sheets.  We had some leftover apple pieces so we added some dried blueberries, cranberries, and a few raisins to them and thawed two sheets of pastry dough.  Each sheet makes 4, just quarter the sheets and fold two opposite corners together over 2 tablespoons of filling and seal the edges with a fork.20161111_1153051600x1200Cut slits to let the steam escape.  You can brush on egg wash, milk, or cream to help the turnovers brown, or just brush on some of the liquids from the apples – the juices were sugar rich and cinnamon flavored.  We sprinkled them with more sugar and baked them in a 350 convection oven for 12 minutes then checked, these needed 8 more minutes.dsc00054-1600x1060Here are a couple more kittehs.  I’ve used this photo before.  I love the wide eyed stare at the camera, not even a hint of fear – just interest.


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