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img_20161119_112839_processedI wish the Prisma app had a Windows desktop version.  I imported a few favorite pet pictures to my Android phone, did the conversions, and then copied them back to a folder on my main computer.  This one is of Bea making a bed among some ripe habanero peppers growing in a pot on the patio.img_20161119_113041_processedBuddy loved to run.  This photo is an attempt to catch the essence of his joy.  The app didn’t change much using this particular filter but it did mute the colors a bit and smeared the blur a little more.img_20161119_113359_processedAnnie was the most patient with kitteh play of any of our pets.  Now Jack, on the other hand…img_20161119_112537_processedkitteh play was is something up with which he would not put.


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  1. Primes is so much fun. Annie looks really cool.

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