T-Day H-Hour

20161124_0958101600x1200Spatchcock turkey is 2 for 2 here at W4D today.  Herbed butter under the skin, and massaged all over the bird after dry brining and an overnight in the basement fridge air-drying.20161124_1110331600x1200Sweet potatoes in olive oil and honey and teeny potatoes in olive oil and kosher salt on their trays ready for the oven.20161124_1220171600x1200The turkey turned out very well, note the leg position, there will be a short quiz later.20161124_1220121600x1200Clockwise from the top right:  Cloverleaf dinner rolls, sauteed Brussels sprouts, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, honey roasted sweet potatoes, those little potatoes with rosemary, cranberry relish, and a stick of butter on top.  The dressing is on the counter behind me.  Grr20161124_1227001600x1200I remembered the dressing so it wasn’t a turkey dinner without.  That quiz I mentioned: What is peculiar about the turkey legs in the before and after pictures?


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  1. That all looks YUMMY. What temp and how long did you roast your turkey. I’m still working with my new oven and want some options. LOL


    • 375 until instant read thermometer reads 150 mid breast, 180 thigh worked for this one, could have gone longer. Mine was still a tad red in the joints. After an hour I turned off the convection fan because it was looking brown enough.

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