iasas-picture1600x1200A friend brought this painting back from a trip to Belize and sent me a photo.  It makes me happy.14390654_1697907010532834_4263571012990612732_n

So does this one.  Attn: Betty Cracker20161203_0844091600x1200Another smoked pork shoulder.  We were running low because we eat a lot of sammiches made with this stuff.  It spent 20 hours in a 200 degree smoker stoked with peach wood.20161203_114948-1600x1200Don’t let the hush puppies scare you!  They are, as a rule, very quiet.20161201_1201581600x1200I never feel right calling these Cubanos because the bread isn’t right.  Tastes good, though.  Let me try again:20161202_123420-1600x1200

This one is a tad closer.  The basic sammich is roast pork, ham, Swiss, and pickles on a bun with yellow mustard spread on both halves of the bun, and then warmed in a grill press.



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