Bixby and Bailey: There Could Be Blood

Don’t let these angelic faces fool you:


There was quite the row tonight. I thought there would be blood. I was working on separating them when Emma, my 8 lb calico (see her here) came running down the hall, full furred and yowling like Linda Blair. She was about to wade into the fray to break them up. I’m not sure if she was doing it to rescue me, or more likely, and funnier, rescue her beloved Bixby. I put a quick stop to that and threw Bixby outside and Bailey into the dining area. Still not sure what set them off, but they’ve been grumpy with each other all night. I also explained to Emma that she was not to do that again.


Over Thanksgiving, we had a houseful, but all Bixby cared about was his favorite lady, Gracie. Gracie seemed more interested in proving her place in the pack to Bailey, so there were some big Dane hurt feelings from the Beast.


Bailey is doing fine, though she ate the couch (see the sheet covering the demolished cushion in top photo), she’s taken to being crated easily. I hope no one ever asks me how to crate train because I have no idea how I do it. I just leave the door open and they wander in and once they are comfortable, I put the gate on it. Took two weeks with Bailey.


During our first heavy snow storm last week, I caught Bailey outside, head up, mouth open catching snowflakes. It was so adorable. They both love the snow and I had to pretty much drag them in, they would have played until frozen.

Bailey also taught herself how to play fetch – I’m sure from watching Bixby do it – but she was so proud of herself the first time she brought me the ball and I threw it. She was practically giddy when she brought it back to do it all over again.

Meanwhile, Bixby has become very needy and we are working to give him the extra attention he needs. And by needs, I mean he drapes himself over whomever he can find and sighs heavily while they pet him. Love. That. Dog.

So far the Christmas tree has remained unmolested, fingers crossed it stays that way.  – TaMara



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  1. Crate training, feed them in the crate and only in the crate. Put a peanut butter filled kong toy in the crate when you need to crate them if you have to leave. We also put a small bowl of frozen green beans and one dog treat in there (metal bowls only).


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