My Favorite Kind Of Finds


These were my finds this week – one free, the other $40. They will go in my kitchen eating area. The armoire will be a pantry – narrow and short enough to not overwhelm the room, but with plenty of space and solid wood.  The table is great – 1940s, light weight, solid, sturdy and bonus leaf. Just what I was looking for. Not sure what colors they will eventually be, but for now they are going in as-is so I can get a feel for them in the room

House is coming along fine and I’ll try and get some photos together of the rooms that are done. I’ve been working my way from the back of the house forward – because the living room is not worth even thinking about yet until Bailey is less destructive. Sigh. I just got Bixby out of the destructive phase. But we love her, so all is well.



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