Kitchen Smells Good

20161216_104126-1600x1200I’ve been plagued with brain farts this morning.  I had intended this to be a machine loaf.  I measured all of the ingredients for the standard recipe and added yeast last as per usual but went with 2 tablespoons instead of 2 teaspoons.  Ack!!  I spooned out all but a guesstimated 2 t amount and set the machine to going.  And got to thinking about the last time I added too much yeast – the dough rose so much it near opened the lid on the machine.

I cancelled the cycle and loaded the dough into a hotel pan sized just a tad bigger than a standard loaf pan and let it rise while the oven pre-heated to 375.  I set the timer on the microwave to 20 minutes as a guess on baking time, loaded it into the oven, and set about adding dough ingredients into the now empty bread machine for cinnamon raisin bread.  That done, I set it to a dough cycle and sat in the front room to surf the web a while.  The bread machine has a beep to alert the user when it’s time to add extras like the raisins.  I heard beeping and hurried to add the raisins, that done I returned to my easy chair.

The beeping continued, longer than I had ever remembered happening with that device.  I waited a few minutes but it continued so I checked the readout panel thinking maybe it was  it was alerting me to some kind of error. Ack!!, again!!  It was the microwave’s timer for the loaf baking in the oven.  I rushed to check the loaf, it was plenty brown but not ruined.  I set it down to cool and turned the insistently beeping timer off.  As if to rub it in, the “add stuff now” beeper on the bread machine started.  The beeps are identical!  Those devious machines!  20161216_125001-1600x1200Here it is in that bamboo slicing guide, I dropped the near side for a better view.  I wish the whole thing was made of the same plastic they use for the bottom surface.  The bamboo will splinter when the knife edge is misaligned.  My loaves tend to be taller that the sides so the better slicer would, for me at least, have taller sides with a “v” cut into the slot to lead the knife.

Lunch break!  More of the turkey salad I made yesterday with iceberg lettuce on that fresh bread.20161216_120112-1600x1200

Ah, the timer, again.  Be right back, have to check on the cinnamon bread…20161216_132034-1600x1200Looks good so far.  It’s a little more brown than I was intending but I wanted to get the internal temp up to 200 before I pulled it out to cool.  That shine is from the melted butter it is brushed with.  Needs just a little time to cool before I cut into it to see if the swirl came out right.  This is a Betty Crocker recipe, cut in half, and modified for the machine.  The dough rolled out so long that I rolled it up, then bent it double to fit in the pan.  It should have a double swirl.20161216_140249-1600x1200Yes, there it is.  Not prominent as I wold like.20161216_141442-1600x1200Yum!