Rescue Kitteh

20161217_094328-1600x1200Next door neighbor lady brought this kitteh over because it was dumped at her house and she knew Mrs J was a sucker  volunteer at the local shelter.  She thinks it’s a boy kitteh but it’s at that age where it’s hard to tell.20161217_123820-1600x1200He is installed in a big cage in the laundry room for now.  He is friendly and he starts purring when you walk into the room.  You can hold him without a struggle.20161217_123903_001-1600x1200We might keep him, his chances are trending up.


2 thoughts on “Rescue Kitteh

  1. I am not a cat person (ha!) and my very first cat was a 5-6 week old kitten my apartment manager asked me to look after until they could find it a home. It slept in my hand (!!) the first night and that was it. They told me it was a little boy kitteh and was named appropriately (BJ after Bon Jovi) and we lived happily like that until 6 months when I took it in to have it neutered. The vet called me an hour later and said, hey, we can’t neuter her, she’s a girl. LOL. She became Barbara Jean and a lived a long, adventurous life with me, teaching me all the wonders of cats.

    I’m loving this little one’s face and I’m betting he/she is home. ❤

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