20161218_174338-1600x1200Here’s Ollie enjoying some scritches.  He’s easing himself into the thick of things, he does spend most of his time in the basement where all the food bowls stay.  A few low growls from the other kittehs  are about the only overt notice the rest of them take.  That’s about all the notice they take of each other aside from the occasional hissy fit Homer engenders.20161221_164025-1600x1200I really need to get some individual casserole dishes.  These bowls are a tad too deep for these beef pot pies.  Puff pastry worked fine, though.20161219_165223-1600x1200Burritos!  These are mostly bean with a bit of pork and some cheddar.20161122_195044-1600x1200It’s a three kitteh sofa.  Never more than three and usually fewer.  The cast rotates.20161222_120832-1600x1200Tacos!  I’m wishing I had put tortillas on the shopping list before we made that store run yesterday.  I remembered to  get celery and carrots.dsc03817-1600x1200Here’s a shelter kitteh with an interesting coat.  I don’t know much about him/her.


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  1. Homer is sounding more and more like my Emma – always hissy and not very welcoming. Bailey and I were playing fetch the other night and Emma launched herself out of nowhere at the poor thing, all claws and hiss. No reason, just asserting her authoriteh. Never seen one hundred pounds jump so high and so fast…right into my lap.

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