Sourdough Bread

20161224_180043-1600x1200All I know about sourdough bread making I learned here.  I think it turned out OK, but the crust is very chewy and is a challenge that is best met by using it to dip in stew broth or something else.  I may try a french toast, letting the bread soak in the eggs mixture long enough to soften.20161224_190137-1600x1200The different patterns on the loaves are due to two different floured towels used in the long resting stage just prior to baking.  These were baked in the ginormous enameled cast iron Dutch oven, last used for these short ribs.  dsc_2066-1600x1200

I tried to slash a nice slit in the loaf but was leery of burning myself on the pre-heated 500 degree cast iron.  I may get one of those specialty tools that uses an old-timey razor blade, called a lame.  20161225_105656-1600x1200It sure is pretty!  I think the next time I will go with a shorter bake time, that crust is pretty and all, but damn!


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