Gadget Post – Bunn MCU My Cafe

20170202_113447-1600x1200I’ve been threatening to buy one of these single cup brewers for ages.  This model gets good reviews and I like the Bunn name and the fact that they are headquartered in my state.  Mine came this morning and we promptly set it to working.  Our first cup was with the adapter for using our own grounds and it worked well – turning out a good cuppa.  The next mug was made with one of the pre-loaded coffee cups and it was very good, too.  The cups are universally known as k-cups, much to the distress of the Keurig folks, I’m sure.

So far, so good!  There isn’t any denying that the k-cups are easier and quicker to deal with.  Using our own we had to dig the used grounds out of the tray and then rinse it in the sink.  It comes with four “trays” – that’s what they call the adapters for the pods, cups, loose grounds, and the one meant for nothing more that hot water for oatmeal or whatever.  Pods are like tea bags, the product is enclosed in its own filter.  I suspect most of the pods sold are, indeed, meant for tea.

Also available are reusable k-cups, meant for your own coffee grounds and designed to fit into the k-cup tray.  I’ve ordered a couple of those just to see if they make cleanup a little easier.