Let The Spring Gardening Begin

I was lying in bed the other night and the full plan for the garden beds came to me. So the first nice day this week, I began to implement the vision.

Here is phase one of  the side garden:


This bed is home to two Aspen groupings that are struggling at this altitude. My first order of business is to turn this into a rock garden with ice plants, black-eyed Susans, ornamental grasses and some flax for good measure. Hoping by clearing out all the high water plants, it will take some of the stress away from the Aspens. I’ll probably contact an arborist for tips on getting them healthy again.


Turning the bed into a rock garden will be easy. It appears it was a rock garden in a previous incarnation, before soil and mulch covered the rocks and plants added. The former owner collected rocks and fossils, so the yard (and by yard, I mean every inch of the yard) is full of some beautiful and unusual specimens. This was from phase one. I more than doubled it during phase two today.


Phase two – before!


An hour later, rock, mulch and plant free.


Making good progress with just a couple hours of work. I think I’ll have it completely scraped by the end of the week. Then I can begin to add the rocks back. After that, I’ll start pulling some of the larger unique ones from the backyard and add them.



3 thoughts on “Let The Spring Gardening Begin

  1. As a one-time rock field collector, I have collected in CO for part of a 3 week trip. So jealous of the previous owner’s opportunities to collect in such a geologically rich area. So wonderful that you have a great store of cool yard rocks! If you have questions, I would try to make a barely educated amateur guess – feel free to email me. I have rocks from Colorado to Maine in my yard…

    It’s a shame that good yard rocks cost a lot to ship…


    • Oh, cool. As I go I’m sure I’ll have photos of the most interesting ones and lots of questions. The fossils are fascinating me…I’m hoping to find some arrow heads in her collections, too. Seriously this yard is like a treasure hunt of plants, rocks, fossils and knick-knacks.


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