Makin’ Bacon

I have a pal who makes his own bacon, he has built a smoke house and everything.  His bacon uses the traditional recipe using sodium nitrite.  I’ve been wanting to make my own, settling on the recipe Dan Barber posted at  He uses a complex rub that I had all the parts to except the ground coriander.  I added more coriander seed to help with the lack.20170227_083349-1600x1200Here it is after several days in the fridge.  I flipped it over a few times while it cured.20170227_084838-1600x1200With a little trimming it fit in this hotel pan.  I covered it with chicken stock, put the lid on, and left it in a 200-ish oven all day.20170228_105630-1600x1200After an all nighter in the fridge to firm it up for my slicer it was turned into all this.  I’ll keep one of those in a ziplock bag while we binge on bacon.  The other two are in the freezer, they’ll get vacuum bagged when they are solid.20170228_102706-1600x1200Let’s try some out!  Looks good so far.  20170228_103742-1600x1200Yay!  It crisped up well, and the skin wasn’t a problem.  I worried a little about that but I figured if the porchetta skin crisped up while frying this skin would, too.  I think the next one I do will get the sodium nitrite.  I’m sure it will add to the flavor and color.