Hungarian Mushroom Soup

This soup was recommended in a comment at another blog.  I’m a big fan of mushroom soup so I dived right in.  It’s easy and delicious.  I used those brown button mushrooms in mine because they were cheap and available.  The picture on the recipe page shows a yellow soup, almost as if it was made with turmeric.  The tamari  soy sauce is in no way yellow.  This is delicious soup!


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  1. It tastes much better than it looks! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Did you use the butter and floor as indicated or go for the cream cheese substitution mentioned in the comments? JudyinSD not a fool

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    • I used butter, although I did look hard at some chicken fat I had from roasting some thighs. I may have used more than 1/2 cup of sour cream. I used 16oz of mushrooms because that was the size Kroger had, and a bit more onion, whatever one large sweet onion came to.

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  3. Thanks, I amercing a shopping list for next trip to the store. So one more question, did you use Hungarian Paprika or Hot or just plain? JudyinSD

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  4. Finally made this last night after locating the hot Hungarian paprika. I love hot but wow, it was too spicy for me. Had to dilute it down after it was done by adding more stock which took away from the rich creamy thickness. Otherwise great flavor and I think next time will make it with just 1/2 tbsp instead of a full tablespoon of the paprika. JudyinSD


  5. Too bad about the heat! My can of paprika is pretty old, maybe old age tamed the spice. I made it again, yesterday. We had someone over for lunch.

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