Puppy Update: Lolly and Her Pups

My heart still belongs to Lolly. She had her checkup last week and besides being extremely underweight, a lot of her teeth are broken from gnawing at wood, wall board and other things while locked in the abandoned house. It looks like she’ll be with LFern until she’s ready to leave foster care, so I’ll get to see her again with any luck. She’ll be fully recovered and healthy in no time.

The puppies are all doing well and are 7 weeks old. They are weaned and four have gone on to another foster home so everyone gets lots of personal time in order to help them socialize. I know it was difficult for the Fern family, but important for puppy development, so they were happy to do what was best for them.

Click on any photo to see pups full size and start the slide show.

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