Therapeutic Hobbies: A Little Clay, A Little Glaze

I’ve been wanting to take a pottery class for a while and a friend found one that seemed just perfect. No pressure and we could come and go as time permitted. It has been great fun with very nice instructors. Here is what the last month produced:

The little green bowl was the first piece I made. The purple was the first project on the wheel. The heart bowl was another hand built technique. Actually used it as a serving bowl tonight.

I made the mugs on the wheel on the same night, because my instructor said they should come in pairs. In reality, it was in case one didn’t survive the process. Luckily they both did. The gold handle actually came out of the “extruder” (think cookie press) curled and I decided it should stay that way. I had a great deal of help in attaching to the mug – definitely an advanced process. I was able to do the other handle on my own.

Actually had coffee in one this morning.

I have a few more pieces to finish up and I want to make some trivets for the kitchen. But probably going to have to slow down the classes as gardening is about to take up a whole lot more time.


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