I have a few acres rented out to a local farmer.  He has bigger equipment that he uses on bottom land he farms but my small plots are hard to get to so he uses what he can get down a single lane gravel road.This is all the farming I care to do.  I found some flat leaf parsley, finally.  My herb bench is almost full but I still have an eye out for different stuff.Mrs J has been hard at it.  She has a lot more in different areas of the front garden.Breakfast for lunch!  Whoops!  Got some syrup on the bacon.  I guess I’ll just have to lick that off!Puppy!  This is one of a litter that a pregnant rescue just delivered.Bea takes a chance walking out over the back pond on a small downed tree.  I do note that she isn’t too far out on that limb.Haven’t had a cheeseburger for a while.  The slice of provolone was so big it melted into a puddle around the patty and started to scorch.  The sides are my usual baked beans, a loaded baked potato salad, and a vinegar slaw.  Every time I make slaw and have leftover red onion from some other use I decide to go ahead and put it in.  Every time I use red onions for slaw it bleeds purple and I wish I hadn’t done that.  The frugal in tension with the aesthetic.  Yeah, I’m a cheap-ass.Should be plenty of peppers to make another batch of my hot giardiniera.Here’s Ollie, laying out on Mrs J’s layout table.