A scene captured by one of the wildlife cameras.  Most of the time the results are pedestrian but now and again they are visually arresting.  Here, Katie is caught mid-stride during that magic minute at twilight.Here’s Gabe, caught on the same camera when there was a tad more ambient light.  Just enough to add a frosting to the grass and trees.Chili!  I cubed a flat iron steak for this recipe.  I’ve made it before with some success but this time I went too far with the cayenne and ancho chili powder.  Mrs J refused to eat it.  The next day I added a 28 oz can of tomato bits and a 15 oz can of tomato sauce to the leftovers and served it over elbow mac, only to have here opine that it was hotter thus than before.  Here it is marinating in a bowl along with a pound or so of my own garlic pepper sausage.I didn’t get a pic of the cherry tomatoes in my last post covering the patio garden, they are coming along well and have blossoms now.They always look so good early in the year!  The patio table acts as an overflow area.  I thinned the jalapenos and the serranos and couldn’t bring myself to let the runts dry out and die.  They struggle on in the small pots while they await planting, maybe in the bigger garden out back or into larger pots.  The cedar was rescued last year from under a deck where Mrs J grows a selection of hostas.  It turned brown over the winter and I thought it was gone but it greened back up this spring.  The larger brown pot has “sweet mint” in it.  Like all mints it will take over so I keep them segregated.