The Phone Is Dead! Long Live The Phone!

The phone is dead, not enough left to bury.  Through an extraordinary lapse of common sense I managed to run over my Galaxy S6 with the mower when it slid off my leg where I laid it for just a second, trying to maneuver the mower to where I could snap a photo of a snapping turtle.  Sigh.  It was like losing a friend.I dragged Mrs J off to the phone store, grass clippings still in my hair.  A nice young man helped me into a new Galaxy S8, which is the new hotness.  I was in the phone store last week, intending to buy this same phone because they had, I thought, a deal on a phone/tablet bundle.  Oh, no, sir!  That deal was soo last month!

Anyway, I’m still dealing with the quirks and the odd bits of setup that I had forgotten about and had to learn, again, how to do.  The camera is reputed to be very good.


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