Greetings from Spring in Colorado: Bixby, Bailey and the Big Waterfall

We are under a flash flood watch – rain and snow melt have raised the rivers considerably.  See video (I left the sound up, so you might want to turn yours down):

We are watchful because you may remember our horrible flash flood Sept 11, 2013 – photos and video here, still heartbreaking and breathtaking three and half years later.

On happier news, here are the pups as we enjoy a late evening walk yesterday.

And some moments of Zen:

I only have my cell phone with me on walks – there is no way to juggle a camera and 280 lbs of dogs – even digging the phone out is risky. But it did pretty well on the video and photos.

I’ll be doing a house update later today. Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend.