That ham we bought on sale had a big joint in it that had to be boiled a long time to get anything out of it.  That made a nice stock to cook the beans.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of the pressure cooker for that job – I did cook the beans in it.My jalapeno bush has started putting on peppers, these will be ready in a few days.Our blueberry bush is starting to bear, we will be lucky to beat the birds but we might get enough for a few pancakes.Cute kitteh!Mmm… another fine BELT sammich.The cherry tomatoes will be putting out enough to do the sauteéd tomato with fresh basil pasta dish.  One of our summer favorites.The little pies made on tandoori naan are quick ways to scratch that pizza itch.  This one has ham, garlic stuffed olives, provolone and other cheeses on a base of my Awesome Sauce.