Mrs J made a pass around the blueberry bush and made a better haul than expected!We made blueberry syrup from them and had plenty left for blueberry pancakes……and French toast.The Day Lilies have busted out.  They were hit hard by that late freeze but came out of it pretty well.  Of course it was just the green, early leaves that died back.  There was enough vigor left in the bulbs to push out plenty more.Chili!  The minced green peppers are of my first jalapeno of the year.Here is a cute kitteh.  He’s about 6 weeks old and has already been spoken for.Here is another view of the same kitteh.  Both pictures show him looking at something above – Ceiling Cat, maybe?


One thought on “Tidbits

  1. Blueberries yum! Your garden looks amazing. I want that kitteh. And Daylilies are unkillable and even when you dig them out they stick around like the party guest who will. not. leave. No, I’m not bitter or anything. #overrunbydaylilies


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