Pastrami hash has to be right up there with the all time great breakfast anytime dishes.  I like my hash with eggs on top and a grind of a dry pepper mix.Chicken pot pie is in the running with the hash.  I prefer whichever one I’m eating at the time.These pan biscuits are my goto for pot pies these days, I make a half or third sized batch else the crust is too thick.  You’ll be asking “where’s the chicken” if you use the full recipe in this size pan.  I make it in the same pan, just take it out, pour the chicken and veggie filling, replace the biscuit, and bake at a lower temp than you would ordinarily to keep from burning the top.  You could cut the biscuit and piece it on if you think about it, or, if you break it getting it out of the pan the first time you could break it on up and say you meant to do it that way.Break for cats and dogs.  Homer gets along with dogs just fine, it’s other cats he has trouble with.I have these pickled red onions I need to use up and these hot dogs seemed a great place.  There’s raw onion, jalapeno, sweet relish, and mustard on there, too.  Somewhere I heard that Utz potato chips were the world’s finest.  I found some at Amazon.  It seemed a decent price per ounce in the case lot.  I’ve been giving bags of them away to UPS drivers and the postman.  I don’t know if they are the world’s best but they are very good.You would think that these tacos were full:  Chicken, pico, queso fresco, refried beans…..there’s always room for pickled red onions!