Food Pr0n

Chili cheese fries with red and green jalapenos and onions.  These days frozen fries are so good I have a hard time getting up for doing them from scratch.  Crinkle fries are Mrs J’s faves, I like the fast food fries a bit better.  You see what kind we are having.Since we had chili style toppings leftover from the chili cheese fries, these hot dogs were a no brainer.  I have some of my homemade giardiniera on these.I made up some lamb and ground beef with this seasoning mix since we had a hankering for gyros.  In a food processor I mixed about a pound each of lamb and beef with a minced onion and about 6 tablespoons of the spice.  Process until the meats are a paste.  I skipped the oven and cooked a few small patties in a skillet.  These are on onion naan.  The tzatziki is Alton Brown’s recipe kicked up with dried dill weed.


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