New Stove!

Mrs J has be after me for years to get a new range, the old one was tottering along sans a functional self cleaning cycle.  We sprayed its oven chamber down with cleaner and left in on all night but it was still a job to get it halfway clean.

This one is a GE Profile dual fuel range, gas burners on top and an electric oven.  The center burner on top is an elongated oval, the center grate swaps out for a cast iron griddle.Here’s the maiden batch of cookies.  They came out rather well.  The oven is wifi enabled, and there’s a smart phone app.  I set it up and played with it while baking the cookies, it doesn’t really do anything that you can’t do more easily using the controls on the stove.  One plus, though, it syncs the clock with the cloud, though it’s not clear from the docs just who it checks in with, and on what schedule.