Paging Indiana Jones

This happened in my old hood. We are all very excited here.

From the Denver Post:

An operator was scooping dirt Aug. 25 when an on-site geotechnical engineer — someone who reviews soil conditions — told him to stop. The engineer noticed that there was something inconsistent with the surrounding claystone and sand. Brushing off the dirt and cleaning the area with water, the crews knew what they were seeing wasn’t normal.

But Saunders Construction doesn’t have an action plan in place for when crews stumble across a 66-million-year-old fossil. The crews quarantined the area, which will eventually be a weight room at the upcoming Fire and Police Substation at East 132nd Avenue and Quebec Street, and made sure construction equipment stayed clear, Pollick said. A biologist contracted by the city of Thornton recommended a local paleontologist, who stopped by Sunday to confirm that they were looking at dinosaur bones.


So far, both brow horns, part of the skull that surrounds the brain, parts of the snout, parts of the frill (the shield behind its head), the lower jaw beak, parts of the neck, vertebrae and lots of ribs have been found, Sertich said. While talking on the phone, more of the frill was uncovered.

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They are moving the bones today, so more excitement and lots of news crews.

More videos here and once they post videos of the move today I’ll post those.

Get me my hat and my whip….

(BTW, NEVER google whip and hat without safe setting on :-D)