I made a huge pot of gumbo a while back and froze most of it plastic containers.  It freezes it into a nice block that I can then vacuum seal, reclaiming the container for another use.Those vac-seal bags are good for this, you can thaw and heat the contents right in the bag.  I usually drop them in a saucepan and let them simmer.  Those shrimp in the first photo are precooked and were thawed and added to the gumbo to warm them prior to serving.  In my freezer now are “bricks” of meatballs with sauce, Italian beef, and lasagna.


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  1. Looks great – My gumbo never makes it to the freezer in my house .


    • Thanks! Mrs J and I are the only two gumbo eaters in the house and I made a BIG batch. We ate it for supper one day and for lunch the next and still managed to freeze 5 of those blocks.


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