Mmm… Lasagna

More on that lasagna I teased in the previous post.  It turned out great!  Very tasty.  The noodles were the Kroger branded, no boil kind, they call theirs “oven ready” for whatever reason but they helpfully add a text balloon in the upper right that clears it up.I used the recipe on the back with a few mods:My recipe variation was to use a quart of my stewed tomatoes, a small can of tomato paste, some of the meatballs (crumbled) I froze a while back along with their sauce, and a bit of hamburger leftover from making sliders.  I first browned the ground beef, then added the rest of the above to the pan and brought it to a simmer.

My lasagna pan was smaller than the printed recipe called for so the cheese mixture was adjusted accordingly (halved), and it used only 10 of the noodles, in 2 layers of 5, leaving 6 in the box.The noodles soak up the water they need from the sauce, I did add 3/4 cup of water to my sauce to make sure they had plenty.  Mine cooked uncovered, the mozzarella layer on top browned nicely.  It turned out well, the noodles were just like noodles that had been boiled first with the same texture you would expect, the sauce was not runny. They were much easier to handle, too.  Two thumbs up!