I thought we might have a gadget post on the new jam machine but so far it’s been more of a pancake syrup machine.  We tried to make a sugar free strawberry jam but even with the no sugar needed pectin it didn’t set up.  Might have to adjust the cooking time or go for reduced sugar rather than no sugar.The last of the homemade bacon.  I used most of it in a new version of the tomato bacon pasta salad:This about the same as the last one – I did go with rotini pasta this time, and added sliced black olives and shredded cheddar.  I used a store bought ranch dressing in this one, plus a bit of sour cream and a few dabs of that homemade garlic mayo.  I am constantly amazed on how much liquid the pasta can soak up overnight.  Kept adding ranch dressing from the bottle until it was all gone.Mrs J made an apple pie/crisp/crumble.  Not sure what to call it.  The bottom crust is made from crushed vanilla wafers with butter.  The top is a Martha Stewart recipe flour/brown sugar topping mixture with cinnamon.  We love it!  Mrs J is saying it’s her favorite of all the apple cobblers/pies/whatevers.  She had her doubts about the ‘nilla wafer bottom crust, was worried it would get too mushy so she baked it off before she added the apple filling.Random comfort food dinner – ham with fingerling potatoes and green beans.  The trick is to simmer the ham hocks with onions in either water or chicken stock for a few hours.  You want the onions to practically dissolve into the broth and the ham to soften enough to pull away from the bones.  Add the beans and potatoes during the last hour or so.  This is not a stir fry – you want the green beans soft, not crisp.  Or heavens forbid, with a snap!  Eat these with cornbread and sweet tea.These were an experiment with using the toaster oven on its slow cooker setting.  That setting gives you two options, slow and slower.  One is for 4 hours and the other is for 6.  I have no clue what the temps are set to.  I went with the 4 hour setting using a metal pan with a lid but I think the chops ended a bit dry.  I didn’t add any additional liquid to the pan, the bbq sauce and dab of pineapple went on in the last hour.The bone-in rib eye was good, the cauliflower and potato roasted with garlic was fantastic.Kroger had a sale on ribs, they sold three full racks in a sealed plastic package.  I went ahead and cooked them all up, ate one the same day, and froze the other two.  This is the last of that batch.  The onion rings are those cheap kind made from processed onions, I found a partial bag when I dug out the ribs and decided to use them up.