A Little Family Update: Yes, That Includes The Ducks

For those wondering if the ducks will be okay this winter, it’s 22 degrees out and they are in their pool. Although they have been spending more time sitting near the patio door – but I think that has more to do with their social nature. They just want to hang with their flock.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but Bixby is relishing his new job. Every morning he is first out the door to let the ducks out of the duck hut. If he had thumbs, I would be superfluous. He then inspects the morning eggs (we are getting 1-3 each morning), and despite his size and enthusiasm we have had no egg-tastrophes. Then in the evenings, he watches over us as I gather the ducks for bed.

The girls need their scritches! They love to be scratched and rubbed, on the chest and under their wings. Don’t forget the beaks!

We had scare a week or so ago – the Cooper’s Hawk I watched grow up this summer decided to not only go after Mabel and Maddie, but Zander, too! I chased him off, but he decided to stay in the tree next to our yard. That’s when I sent Bixby out with instructions to look after our girls. He was amazing, he stood near the ducks and when they moved around the yard, he moved with them, quietly standing guard. Love that dog.

Which is a good thing, because someone…and I’m not naming names (Bixby, Bailey) decided to leave me this surprise:

This happens frequently. Usually right after I have cleaned the bathtub.

Speaking of dogs I love, here is beautiful Bailey chillin’ in the yard. She has been here a year and has really blossomed in the last few weeks. And talk, man, does this dog love to talk.

Hopefully I’ll have a recipe post tonight. Until then….