Gadget Post – Ball Jam Machine

I don’t have the recipe down yet  The recipe booklet that came with the machine give reduced sugar variants on the recipes.  I went with the reduced sugar recipe for some blueberries that I bought frozen.  The recipes all claim to produce 2 pints of jam but I have had two batches produce 3 pints when I followed a recipe.  The strawberry recipe I found online and was for Splenda, the blueberry recipe was from the booklet.  Neither produced jam that set.  Both were pourable.Not a big problem but it has been disappointing so far.

2 thoughts on “Gadget Post – Ball Jam Machine

  1. Can you at some point cook it uncovered? That might cook off some of the excess liquid but don’t know if it will help setting the jam up any better. Judy

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    • Hey, Judy! Dunno if it will work better uncovering it or adjusting the cook time, there are lots of vents under the rim of the lid. It defaults to 21 minutes (the first 4 are mixing time and the heat doesn’t come on), I wanted to see if the booklet recipe would work as written before trying that. I find it difficult to judge the amount inside the bowl by eye so it’s going to be hit or miss. I think a +5 minute trial is next.


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