Turkey Leg Confit

Salt the fresh legs generously and add such herbs as you find useful.  I should have chopped the herbs fine and mixed them with the salt but it wouldn’t have been as pretty.  Cover and refrigerate overnight or longer.Brush most of the salt off and submerge in oil.  This is canola oil, it doesn’t set up in the fridge like olive oil, duck fat, or lard but those can be used.I didn’t time these but I think they spent 4 hours in a 275 oven, the a couple more hours turned down to 225.  Let them come to room temp and then refrigerate so the gelatin that has collected in the bottom under that oil will set.The chilled leg meat comes right of the bone and strips easily off of those undigestible spines of sinew.  I have plenty of turkey leftovers without this so I’m just going to freeze it for now.  Note the gelatin atop the meat that I scraped off the bottom of the hotel pan they cooked in after pouring off the canola oil.