Quiet Christmas Day and Bonus Puppeh!

After a nice party last night, I’m ready to join Bixby in perfect relaxation pose. I do have plans to cook a Standing Rib Roast Dinner (recipe here). I think the sides will be mashed potatoes and roasted zucchini.  There are more than enough cookies to get us through to at least January. Yikes!

I roasted two heads of garlic earlier this week, to use in last night’s guacamole and today to season the roast. I may just add the rest to the mashed potatoes. Can’t have two much garlic. Yum.

Just before the guests arrived last night, I received a 6 week Scout picture after the jump:

We are 11 days away from picking her up. I’m not ready. Bixby is more than ready. I’m sure the cats will be less enthused.

Merry Christmas and don’t stress about the food, it’ll be fine!


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