We managed to eat up most of the holiday leftovers.  This plate is nearly meatless, there were a few crumbs of sausage in the dressing that is mixed in with the sweet potatoes in the back.  I hear a lot of “too cool to like green bean casserole”, I have no such qualms.  There was still a good hunk of the rib roast left – I turned it into a pretty nice stroganoff last night.I bought some kinda sorta fresh dill.  I put it into some water and it perked up some, should have taken a before picture.Breakfast Pr0n!  That place we go for fresh pork belly makes a really killer garlic pork sausage.More breakfast pr0n!  Today is Mrs J’s birthday and she said she wanted French toast.  Good choice!I cracked some eggs for the toast and found a double yolked egg.  Success!  Lucky!  Maybe lucky and successful?  Seemed a good omen at the time, anyway.I love my new stove!  I’m using the griddle more and more.  Look at that turner/flipper thing!  Dexter-Russell makes some pro-grade utensils, I’ve had a small version of that one for years.  I splurged for the holiday and got myself the bigger one and a couple  of their lighter, more flexible, spatulas.Post needs moar Bea Kitteh!


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