Scout and Bixby: The First Days

The adventures of Scout have begun. As with Bixby, my search for an adult, or at least teenage Great Dane failed spectacularly.  And then one night (Thanksgiving to be exact) I saw a photo of Scout and it was love – I don’t know what it was about her – she was not the first puppy (or last for that matter) I stumbled across, but she was the ONE.

I am not positive Bixby is convinced yet, but he’s been very protective. She follows him around like a little Mini-Me and he seems okay with that.  Last night Scout instigated a game of tug that was completely adorable, with Bixby doing his best to not toss her across the room. I promise you I WILL get that on video soon.

I’m still in awe of how small she is compared to Bixby at the same age. But she’ll catch up. Her dad is practically Bixby’s clone and her mom is a beautiful harlequin, also a European Dane.

She decided my sleeve was more interesting than having any more photos taken. LOL In case you thought she just sat around and looked adorable all day.

The cats are adapting well – Emma hangs out with us on the couch, Jake gives her a good sniff while she’s asleep and last night slept not far from her. Zander – well poor Zander is very unhappy with the whole thing. This surprised all of us, he’s usually the zen kitty who adapts to everything. I guess this was just a bridge too far. He’ll come around.

The ducks on the other hand have been subject to some unwanted attention. She can’t help but dash after them – it’s all in fun  and she never gets close, so I’m not too worried. I think they are more annoyed than anything. If they wanted they could turn around and charge her and that would be the end of it. But we are working on her manners.

Hoping for video later this week, but as you can imagine, I have my hands full at the moment.  I do have an amazing meatloaf recipe to share later. Until then…

6 thoughts on “Scout and Bixby: The First Days

  1. Scout is just adorable!! So tiny too. I’m sure Bixby will be a wonderful big brother. Enjoy the early days of mama hood with the new babe.💜

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  2. What a cutie! Can’t wait for the video. And, um, is it just me, or does Bixby’s right eye look strange? Did something happen to him?


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