Bixby and Scout: The First Week

Things are going well. Scout holds her own and antagonizes Bixby until he plays with her. It’s exactly what he needed.


He was reluctant at first, but now he’s happy to engage her.

Scout is now 14 lbs (she was 12.2 when she arrived last Thursday). She’s 14″ at her shoulders and 20″ from head to butt. It’s been fun comparing her to Bixby at that age ( 24.2 lbs and 14″ at the shoulders).

She had pretty much mastered potty training by Monday night, when she began to run to the mudroom and ask to go outside. Once she has full bowel and bladder control (about 10 weeks) she should be a champ at it. I am grateful it’s been this easy so far. There are more photos….

She has been pretty easy so far and Bixby is great big brother. I love watching her follow him around the yard like his Mini-Me.

And she curls up with him whenever she can. Sometimes he needs his space and lets her know it. But usually they are close together.

He is just my sweetie:

Always up for a game of tug:

Bonus ducks:

They’re coping, but would probably be happier without the invasion of their space.

It’s a happy house.

3 thoughts on “Bixby and Scout: The First Week

  1. Thanks for all the photos of the happy puppy and happier Bixby. I know you still miss your baby! Take care of the ducks, they’re so sweet and it was so good of you to rescue them!!

    Take care!

    PS: thanks for the recipes, they’re inspiring!


  2. This is so good for you AND Bixby. Our dog Katie plunged into a months-long depression when we lost Hunter (as in ‘lost’ lost, they got out of the yard one night; Katie was found, Hunter was not. Katie spent two days curled up in a vacant lot behind a store. To this day we don’t know what happened to Hunter) They miss their pack mates. It’s doesn’t hurt that Scout is the cutest puppy in existence, though 🙂

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