Steak and Potatoes

If you never do anything with your sous vide setup but steaks you will be amply rewarded.  I served this one with a pan sauce made from the drippings I poured out of the bag the steak cooked in.  The steaks get seared in a very hot cast iron skillet to produce some browning, add a bit of butter for best results, then remove the steaks and deglaze with those juices and a little white wine.  Season the sauce and reduce to a nice gravy.  Add cream and a ton of cracked black pepper for a delicious pepper sauce.

2 thoughts on “Steak and Potatoes

  1. This comment is actually about the previous post “Picnicking Birds.” Love the photo bomb occurring on the right side of the photo, not just the birds who are picnicing! JudyinSD
    PS Steak looks yummy, I am going to try and use my Instant Pot Ultra’s ultra function and see if I can do a passable steak sous vide.

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    • Judy! Welcome back! Ha ha, yeah! The squirrel is a frequent visitor and we captured many photos of him busily rummaging through the seeds, but that one of him with just a nose in frame tickled us.
      UltraPot!? I am way behind! I didn’t know there was one that could control the temps well enough to work for sous vide. If it does a decent job let us know.


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