Bixby and Scout: Getting Settled

Scout is growing and growing. Don’t take my word for it, check out our first Bear photo shoot here.

She continues to be adorable. Bixby has been so patient with her. No matter how much she climbs, bites and antagonizes him, he gently corrects or redirects her.

Having him around has made things so much easier. He will distract her when she is bothering the cats, entertains her when I’m trying to get things done. And she follows him around and clearly idolizes him. It all works for me.

Had a fun photo shoot today…

Remember our Bixby paw photos? Well I thought it would be fun to add Lil’ Bits too…

Best photo bomb:

And one final photo, in case you thought she was always just cute:


4 thoughts on “Bixby and Scout: Getting Settled

  1. Awww… That’s so swell, seeing a good fog grow up. Sp glad for you AND Bixby that you went ahead with the adoption.

    Hope the ducks are doing well a high-country wintertime!

    Best wishes,

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